10 men to avoid dating

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10 men to avoid dating

"How to repel them: Tell them that while they may have a face for radio, you do not.Where you'll find them: Circling Hollywood Boulevard and Grauman's Chinese Theatre, or posing with smiling tourists.There are man types that are deadly to a relationship. At first he’ll be charming and treat you like a princess. She still cooks his dinners, does his laundry, brings him groceries and makes sure he’s visited by the “Money Fairy” from time to time. She still refers to him by his childhood nickname – Pookie, Ducky, Silly Bear, or whatever other idiotic name it might be that makes you barf in your mouth a little.You’ll soon find out however that you are not the only woman in his life. You will forever be compared to her, will never quite live up and will always come second. The term was coined by Sigmund Freud and basically is the distinction men draw between the women they desire and the women they respect – and the two are mutually exclusive.In his eyes, you are either virtuous or you are a slut.Essentially, this guy will have sex with you, but he will never marry you. Because even though he wanted to, and even if he’s a man-whore, once you agree to knock boots with him, he will see you as a whore. This is the guy whose smart phone is like another appendage. It’s either in his pocket or on the table next to him.

A man can be sweet, good looking, moneyed, but he may still have some fatal flaw that is a total deal breaker.

I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t experience trying and failing to date these kinds of people.

And yes, I realize that what works or doesn’t work for me isn’t the same for everyone else.

But listen: there are some kinds of people out there who just aren’t worth the effort.

If you’re looking for a healthy relationship, you should probably avoid the below dudes.

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The categories of men that gorgeous ladies prefer to stay away from are not set in cast iron.

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