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Advantage co dating worker

Because the trend of officers romancing other officers was on the upside, policies had to be formulated to deal with specific problems. He said the knee jerk reaction of a first line supervisor might be to transfer one of the officers to another department or fire that officer outright.Still, first line supervisors at the FBI were sometimes caught off guard with situations they had no experience handling – romance break-ups was one such situation. Harris, however, believes that a more equitable manner of dealing with a romance gone sour would be to talk to the parties to see if they can make an effort to continue their work relationship.

People who have been successful at an office romance believe that "Dating a co-worker can turn into a gratifying experience if the two people involved are mature enough, to not only remain loyal to each other but to their professional responsibilities too” says Rob who successfully dated a co-worker and consequently married her.Harris then mentioned a survey in 1998 conducted by Dennis Powers (The Office Romance: Playing with Fire and Not Getting Burned, 1998) which showed that more than half of office romances in the private sector end in marriage, so he believes that whatever policies arose from that survey could apply as well to the police enforcement field.In some corporate enclaves, personal relationship policies enforced by the company’s Human Resources Department are already in place.It is believed that more than half of the young adult population spends more than three-fourth of their waking life in their office or workplace.Sitting within the cloistered space called the office leave these young people with hardly anytime to socialize or date.

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Their wait for the weekend to arrive to meet their girlfriends or lover, often seems long stretched and tiresome.