Beast junhyung and kara hara dating

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w=520" class="size-full wp-image-1349" title="hara junhyung" src=" w=584" alt="KARA Hara Dating" srcset=", w=150 150w, w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 520px) 100vw, 520px" / According to BEAST’s agency – Cube Entertainment, they initially had a junior-senior relationship until they started dating a month ago.

Surprisingly, they didn’t try to hide themselves while having their private time together.

Although it seems that her message is really for Junhyung.

(Post/Message)♥ In 2012 Mel On Music Awards on December 14th, while looking at Junhyung’s pretty face, we suddenly see a special phone number…

Junhyung is the type of writer who would get inspiration from a flickering light bulb or a broken clock and turn them into melodic masterpieces. I felt Once upon a time, they were a couple, a lovely and sweet couple known to everyone in their circle of friends. They said words they regret and did things they wished they could take back.Hara Junhyung " data-medium-file=" They were also seen in a back alley in Hongdae(홍대). w=300" data-large-file=" The couple were spotted in Gangnam(강남) having coffee in a cafe and strolling around a neighbourhood park.Check out our special page: Love is to share - when they wear the same thing Sweet Facts&Quotes: ★ “I’ve mustered strength just from one phone call” – Jun Hyung’s twitter (April 29, 2011)✩ “Even though people say that pretty girls usually don’t look as great from the back, you’re beautiful from every angle”- Jun Hyung’s twitter (April 29, 2011) ★ “For me, a girl who is skinny, has quite a short height, a small face and soft hair is my ideal type.” – Jun Hyung (Radio, May 2011) ✩ “For me, someone who does their best in their work is what I like” – Hara about what she likes in a guy (September 19, 2011) ★ “We’re doing fine” – Hara about her relationship with Jun Hyung (October 19, 2011) ✩ Hara: A boyfriend with fascinating character.(Taiwan interview, September 2011)★ “I envy them in some ways.

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❤ So, Kamilia (KARA’s fans) and B2UTY (BEAST’s fans) out there… And, which 2 K-pop idols do you wanna see them dating?

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