C regex for validating url online dating for hunters and fisherman

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Here is the holy grail: Here is a nice example of this regular expression in action Please feel free to modify this JSBin, add examples, and update this regular expression, and I will update within this blog post.

Here is an explanation of the regular expression for those who care( ( // brackets covering match for protocol (optional) and domain ([A-Za-z]:(? ) // match protocol, allow in format or mailto: (? // allow [email protected] for email addresses [A-Za-z0-9\.\-] // anything looking at all like a domain, non-unicode domains | // or instead of above (? :[\-\ =&;%@\.\w]*) // allow optional query string starting with ?

It works well for fully qualified URL, but doesnt work if we use URL without http or https That is it validates: but not validates com what i need is that in addition to current behaviour, it validates the url not having http specifying, that is it should validate com too Thanks Friends Manish Sadhwani if your regex processor has trouble. It's not terribly strict, but it matches all standard domain names (but might let slip through some invalid ones).

This Url Regex string comparison webpage has proven very helpful to me: https://mathiasbynens.be/demo/url-regex The @diegoperini (502 chars) regex string proved infallible through all the tests in the above link: _^(?

and give it an expression to match against the specified control’s content.

There are even built in expressions to choose from…of which is “Internet URL”. Below is my helper method for doing this, but you can easily write the check inline if you wish.

Just imagine you’re doing this before testing modifier to all the regexes to speed up the tests. Here’s a plain text list of all the URLs used in the test.


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See the URL Standard if you’re looking to parse URLs in the same way that browsers do.