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Since then, Universal’s control and being open to “concepts” decided by the label have landed Cham in hot water as the records haven’t been successful with the blame solely placed on him.“When you get in this industry, you’re gonna have to deal with a lot of nonsense like that.

In the mid '00s, Chamillionaire exploded into the national consciousness with his No.

The venture capitalist Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures announced earlier this week that Chamillionaire will be "moving to LA for a while and working in our offices and developing his ideas" as an "entrepreneur in residence." Suster wrote online that he first met the rapper "at a tech conference in LA.

The MP later apologised but author Kevin Williamson tweeted tonight: ‘Why apologise to her.

1 single "Ridin,'" a muscular celebration of eluding the police that was simultaneously gleeful and menacing.

The Houston MC had been rapping for years -- he sold mixtapes out of his trunk and released a collaborative album with Paul Wall in 2002.

His website bio also says he owns a tour bus company and started a modeling agency, but finding more information on those led to dead ends. It’s the first time a rapper has been appointed that title. Cham met Mark in 2009 and invested into his online video talent agency, Maker Studios, that’s now owned by Disney.

, was released in 2005, Chamillionaire has ridden his bold baritone and left-of-center subject matter to an ironic plateau on hip-hop’s topography. People now automatically will compare a year’s worth of work that I did to seven days, or 14 days. Look at all the top artists that you see visually on TV, that’s running hip hop right now. Even the people that are visible on everybody’s records. I’m a person that’s kinda hard to convince of a lot of things. It’s a street record; it just ended up crossing over to the pop world.

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But he went from regional force to national star seemingly overnight, "0 to 100 real quick," as Drake might say.