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But despite their recent split Quentin says that he is not short of offers when it comes to women - or as he refers to them 'bimbos'.

Sharing an obsession for the Ken and Barbie dolls from an early age, the pair had multiple cosmetic procedures to emulate the dolls.

You can copy music from your CDs and transfer it to your Barbie Girl? You can even copy photos and other files to your Barbie Girl?

You can customize your Barbie Girl with cool snap-on outfits and accessories, and decorate your earbuds with snap-in

But school isn’t all about books, lessons, tests and homework: you also get to play games at recess, have fun chatting with your friends at lunch, see the boys you like in class…

From kindergarten to elementary school, middle school to high school, there are millions of girls like you all over the world who spend their days studying different subjects and learning loads of new things.

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Help the Bratz solve clues, shop for fashion items and do makeovers on other girls as they travel around the country.