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There are multiple commands that can be run to configure the port type, to update the firmware, to configure SR-IOV, and so on, all depending on the adapter type.

This page contains answers to some common problems and questions about Xen.

When possible, for Microsoft Windows users, we try to have drivers available for download through Windows Update for many of our products.

For those products, simply plugging in your device should cause your PC to download and install drivers automatically if your PC has Internet access.

Please review the FAQ's before submitting driver support request.

Additionally, since we do not sell products directly to end-users, we do not offer comprehensive support for Broadcom's customers' products.

Each SR-IOV port is associated with a virtual function (VF).

SR-IOV ports may be provided by Hardware-based Virtual Ethernet Bridging (HW VEB); or they may be extended to an upstream physical switch (IEEE 802.1br).

Each section in this document links to further questions in other FAQ documents. You should create yourself a wiki account, then fill out this form to get editing rights (we used to allow anyone to edit, but spammers have ruined that). Please check the Xen Development Projects wiki page for more information!

Please see this blog post for more information: Also check these documents: See the Xen Project Best Practices wiki page.

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Device Manager can beused to update the device drivers for the hardware installed onyour computer, modify hardware settings, and troubleshootproblems.

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