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Concerned he was being type cast as a Latino he eventually changed his name to Steven Bauer.

It has been said that he was going to be a regular in HSB, but was offered a major big-screen role as Manny in the Film Scarface.

In a later career he would become a freedom fighter, who fathered John Connor (with Linda Hamilton see below) and sent 'Arnie back'!

PROSE: Harlan Ellison, Ed Gorman, Robin W Bailey, Mike Bullock, Tom De Falco, Win Scott Eckert, J Gentile, Mark Justice, M Baugh, Jeff Mariotte, Joe Mc Kinney, Nate Meyer, Will Murray, CJ Henderson, A Shaps, Ed Rhoades, M Romanoski, Stephen Bryant, S Mohapatra.

Since Scarface Steven has appeared in a huge number of films and TV series and has even been Annie Lennox's motorcycling boyfriend, in a music video.

Renaldo claimed in his defense that he was born in Camden, New Jersey and only later raised in Romania as Basil Couyanos by people whom he sometimes referred to as "mother" and "father", but other times by their Christian names, Demetri and Theodora. He claimed Greek nationality when he took a job on a French freighter, and entered the United States in 1917, registering as a foreign seaman; in court records, he claimed that this occurred four years later in 1921, but the prosecution produced evidence that he was listed as a coal passer on the S. Puget Sound in 1917, and first entered the United States when this ship landed at Baltimore, Maryland that year.They meet a woman missionary who tells them about her daughter who was kidnapped by natives as an infant.The main gist of the plot concerns their locating this girl, now a grown woman who is worshiped as a White Goddess by the natives who raised her.The story has been remade several times and footage from it was recycled for many other jungle set movies, most famously for MGM's Johnny Weissmuller series. She sued MGM and they eventually settled out of court.Even worse than that were the two fatalities that occurred during filming.

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One native crewman fell in a river and was eaten by a crocodile, another was killed by a charging rhino.

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