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Or we're taught that a woman who has a lot of sex—or even one who enjoys sex “too much”—is a slut. And if you own your choices, why would you ever feel ashamed of them?

On the flip side, men are taught they aren’t “real men” if they don't have “enough" sex, or if they don’t enjoy specific kinds of sex “enough.” Those outdated ideas can cause us to shame ourselves for any sexual choices that fall outside of what's considered “acceptable.” I was lucky to be raised by parents who taught me about sex without ever making me feel bad about my sexuality and desires. That last voice is the only one you should be listening to. Sex shame is deeply rooted, and getting rid of it will take more than advice from one article.

You can ask to see a female doctor if that would make you feel more comfortable. To avoid pregnancy, you can either: If your next period doesn't arrive when you expect it to, take a pregnancy test.

Para leer esta información en español, haga click aquí. amf AR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is dedicated to ending the global AIDS epidemic through innovative research.

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Many of us are taught that women aren’t supposed to have sex outside of the boundaries of love and marriage. Sometimes we feel shame about things when a deep part of us knows that we’re doing them for less than great reasons. If you’re making sexual choices that are truly based on what you want, there should be very little room for shame to sneak in. If you commit to making conscious decisions about your sex life—about the sexual acts you’re doing and why you’re doing them—then you’re your sex life in a major way.

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If you're currently having sex with someone, either stop or make sure you use a condom until you know for sure whether or not you have an STI. You can get free, confidential advice and treatment from your GP or specialist clinics in your area, even if you're under 16.

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Many online dating sites claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges for features At Connecting Singles, there are no costs and no credit cards needed here. Calm and sensual about life but have lots of energy to keep moving and growing.

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The sooner an abortion is done, the easier and safer it is.

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