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The central Nebraska town of Ord could have faded away like so many others, with few people and fewer prospects. in Ord, Nebraska, is the brainchild of three friends.Instead, Ord is a small-town success story, an ambitious place where even a ‘crazy’ dream of opening a craft brewery can become a reality. They invested their life savings into the small-town brewery, in the face of skepticism on the part of many locals. — You have an image fixed in your head of a small-town Nebraska bar, an image of three weather-beaten old boys in seed caps perched on bar stools, silently sipping Busch Lights as the dusty old jukebox wheezes a dusty old country song.They sit elbow to elbow with the City Council president, a mailman, a trucker and a couple of farmers and hoist a variety of Scratchtown’s own beers: double IPAs, imperial porters and dopplebocks. And here, in this central Nebraska town left for dead decades ago, the Scratchtown trio and a whole bunch of other residents are also crafting one of this state’s best small-town success stories.You have an image fixed in your head of a small Nebraska town.

To connect,” says Caleb Pollard, one of the brewery co-owners, as he lounges on the Scratchtown patio in the late-afternoon sun.

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Gender, on the other hand, refers to social construction of masculinity and femininity in a specific culture.

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