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The effective working environment makes the best use of the diverse skills of the team’s members.The team is truly international with members originating from more than a dozen countries across the continents.According to the spec I've mentioned above a standalone tracking area update occurs when a GPRS-attached or E UTRAN-attached UE experiences any of the following conditions: For all cases except case "periodic TA update timer" UE shall set the EPS update type IE to "TA updating", but for "TA update timer" case the UE shall set the EPS update type IE to "periodic updating".For trigger marked with "*" the UE shall include a UE radio capability information update needed IE in the TRACKING AREA UPDATE REQUEST message.The present document analyses the scenarios where permanent subscription data that are shared by multiple subscribers (e.g.

David said that the XBOX release will be on October 6th and so we can assume that the PC release will be on the 7th, so that is another 4 weeks until release. I'm hoping that it will be like that so it can get a good hammering, but the people who don't take part will not already be massively behind others when CQC gets officially released.The TAU procedure is initiated by an UE in either ECM-IDLE state or ECM-CONNECTED state.The decision to perform SGW change during the tracking area update procedure is made by the MME independently from the triggers above.The Support Team combines voluntary and funded resources, all of which are located at the ETSI Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, southern France.Some experts have been provided by the 3GPP Partners; the remaining team members are paid for from the 3GPP support budget.

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Hey guys, Please find the change log for the 1.4 CQC Beta build. USEFUL LINKS - Discuss the CQC update here:

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