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Java repaint not updating

One is when the first time frame is created and displayed.

The other is when the frame is resized (by dragging the frame border with mouse) by the user.

Then in the paint Component method just loop through all Sprites and draw their image objects, and the changes to the image objects are dealt with when needed and not redrawn for every repaint.

I'm encountering a problem where sometimes, not always, the main matlab window is not refreshing unless i grab the bottom right corner and resize the screen a little. Can you check to see that Java version you are getting is the one that was installed with MATLAB?

Here is a first glitch/trap: before applying a buffer strategy to a Component this component has to be visible so here is my first class For this example we will use the stupid "bouncing ball" program: To this JFrame we will add a Canvas, because Canvas support Buffer Strategy This class that extends Canvas will use a Timer to be recalled 60 times a second...

this is everytime the hardware refresh the screen 60 times (in North America) a second is every 16/1000 a second There are no need to refresh the screen more often... Sorry for my European and Asiatic friend, I'll do it the Obama way The idea is to draw what you have to draw on 2 buffers, wait for the part of the GUI that repaint the screen, and tell it from which buffer in memory it has to redraw the image I have 3 classes here...

If I understand your question correctly, this is not the solution that your are looking for. spontaneous painting, initiated by the environment 2.

What you might want to do is move the contents of your applet using the setbounds and disable/reenable anything that is not used in both by use of the setvisible method. programmer generated calls via repaint() and update() The repaint() Method The repaint() method is the one invoked by a program to do drawing.

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It seems to depend on the matlab session i've opened; right now for example I have to resize the window for every line of code i type.

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