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Jewish dating and kansas city

Millions of people use Zoosk online dating to meet people and many have had success finding a mate. Campus indoctrination College campuses are making our grandchildren agnostic or atheist. There are 200 Middle Eastern Studies professors in the U. colleges, talking against Israel and the Western World.With the rise of the Matzo Ball and similar local events, the night of December 24 has become an opportunity to transform this otherwise brief period into one made to gather, socialize, catch up with old friends, network, drink, flirt, and romance.

There are a number of competing social events in Jewish communities throughout the U. With Christmas Day a work holiday throughout the United States, there is a space of unfilled free time during which much of American commerce and society is not functioning, and which could lead to a sense of alienation or loneliness for American Jews.—consuming a meal at a Chinese restaurant, which tend to be open for business on the Christmas holiday, and watching a movie at the theater or at home, stereotypically a rerun of It's a Wonderful Life.

A recent Pew Research Center found 71 percent among non-Orthodox are intermarrying. They were raised in Jewish homes, had Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Birthright trips to Israel. There are 42,000 anti-Semitic videos on the internet with “Kill Jews” as the content.

Fifteen years ago when UAHC published my book “Mingled Roots,” the number was 40 percent. Our grandchildren are being brainwashed about Israel and about religion.

The MKJF Annual Campaign benefits several overseas partners.

The two main partners are the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).

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I dream to one day to live in a world where the notion of a higher power is but a memory and we see each other as what we are — just another species of animal.” Yes, I cried when I read these words.

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