Lifestyles dating romance study of midlife singles singapore matchmaker dating

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Lifestyles dating romance study of midlife singles

"I had a great job, a good circle of friends, a lot of interests, and I thought I just wasn't going to settle for something in pants."But love at midlife is full of surprises. The 77,702,865 Americans born between 19 came of age in the era of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

And while the last two may have lost some appeal over the years, sex and relationships remain front and center as the oldest boomers turn 60 this year.

That's largely because more boomers are single than any previous cohort of forty to sixtysomethings.

According to the Census Bureau, 28.6 percent of adults age 45 to 59 were unattached in 2003, compared with only 18.8 percent in 1980.

Age Matters Sexual satisfaction declines dramatically with age with male satisfaction dropping from 60 percent satisfaction at ages 45-49 to 26 percent for people 70 . Diane Barna, 51, had been in a committed relationship with the same man for nearly a quarter of a century. Joe Germana, 49, had been married to Jane, "the love of my life," for 17 years.Some midlife newly divorced singles approach the divorce as an opportunity to start over, but with far more knowledge than they had in their 20’s and 30’s, according to “Psychology Today” columnist Pamela Cytrynbaum, in the article, “Can Finding Love After Divorce, Over 40, Be This Great?” You can learn from your previous relationships and choose better the next time.

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