Most intimidating lines

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Most intimidating lines

Ivey, as famous as a poker player can get, is only half of the equation in the story detailing his 2012 "edge sorting" scandal involving tens of millions of dollars, casinos in London and Atlantic City, and the subsequent legal proceedings that have tied up Ivey and his winnings for almost five years.

While Ivey's issues have been well-documented, the heart of the story in "A Queen of Sorts," produced and narrated by Rose Eveleth, lies in a woman named Chung Yin Sun -- better known as Kelly -- who was Ivey's accomplice in this endeavor.

Their venom is not toxic, but some people may experience itching at the site of a spider bite.

This spider is not aggressive, nor interested in humans so bites are not common.

Who cares about wealth and status when happiness cannot be bought? Only if the symptoms get progressively worse do they decide to go to the doctor.

What is definitively important is HOW that person acts and who they are as a person. For 17-year-old Caly Bevier, the fact …With the new year still settling in, several people are trying to be their best selves and work on New Year’s resolutions.

Crowned Photography While having a …There’s a first time for everything and when you’re growing up, your parents want to document every moment of it.

Quite often, you can spend less buying the equipment yourself then going to a shop, and materials are cheap if you mess up the first 1-2 "practice" lines.

This spider's favorite meal is the sowbug, also known as pill bug, wood louse, or roly poly, depending on where you live.

Their coloration can range from a red thorax and ivory abdomen to a more purple thorax and tan abdomen.

They have six eyes and those are arranged in an oval shape. This spider is an active hunter, but it does have a lair.

Inside, the remains of previous meals are usually found. Instead, it finds a prey item (sow bug) and uses its giant chelicerae (jaws) to stab it in an ambush attack.

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Most people find me intimidating and I am proud of that.” (Also Read: Tejasswi Prakash aka Swaragini’s Ragini turns a year older – check out her most stylish looks!

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