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Outsource my dating

Like it or not, they’ve got a sharp combination of skills and intuition, reinforced by independent research on tech’s effect on relationships, which B says he conducted in months off during his final semester at Penn. J says that he came up with the 0 price point after calculating what he calls “the price of breaking the ice.” If buying someone a drink – the first step to securing a date – costs about in a metropolitan area, “they’re basically just paying us the to introduce them and set up a date where they’re going to show up and the other person is already going to be interested in them,” says J. Shouldn’t people who are too busy to spend 10 minutes swiping hold off on dating for now?

For both fans and naysayers of Wingman, there’s lots of intrigue in the cascade of moral (and legal) questions raised by its proposition. J and B’s answers: They’ll only do your initial swiping, sorting, and scheduling – once you arrive at that first date, you’re on your own.

The feedback we receive from you after every date is an important part of our dating process as it allows us to fine tune your matches! Everything we have learned about you is taken into consideration for this process In addition, we respect your confidentiality and only give out your first name when arranging a match.

We never reveal your address, last name, phone number, email address or where you work.

For the extremely lazy, there's Plated, a site that will send you all the ingredients for a meal, along with recipe instructions, all for around a plate.It’s personal, it’s private, it’s effective and it’s off-line.What makes It’s Just Lunch different from other matchmaking companies? First, you schedule a discreet, confidential interview with us where we learn more about who you are, and what you are looking for in a match.Consider Project Fixup, the newly relaunched matchmaking concierge that takes care of all the logistics of dating so you don’t have to.Newly relaunched and refreshed, Project Fixup’s promise is simple: No profiles. Just punch in a few particulars (dealbreakers, weaknesses) and your dates of availability and they’ll find you a match.

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Throw in an entire economy built on apps that allow users to meet — and subsequently second guess — a near-bottomless pool of singles, and it begins to border on more trouble than it’s worth.

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