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With the ever-present threat of HIV/AIDS - the most recent reports suggest rates are increasing at almost 30 per cent year in parts of PNG - Bertha's safe sex advice could be the difference between life and death for vulnerable girls whose own families and loved ones have turned their backs on them.

Despite the ever-present threat of HIV/AIDS, with the most recent reports suggest rates are increasing at almost 30% a year in parts of PNG, grinning potential customers wait to take the young sex workers to a private room 'If a girl goes skin-on-skin she is not thinking about her life,' says Bertha.

They are ranked among the pygmy group of nations (dwarf nations), and more precisely among pygmy negrits.

Despite the fact that mature men are scarcely taller than 150 cm, and that they have never been head-hunters, they are respected by their enemies.

Yali tribe is most likely the smallest of Papuan nations.

Bertha, aged in her 40s, is matter-of-fact about the role she plays in the young girls' lives as she negotiates the prices customers will pay for sex with them and dispenses condoms and 'safe sex' advice.

Inland, and especially areas near the mountains, are the least accessible territories which were thus discovered most recently.

Papuan Yali tribe belonged to the most dreaded cannibals of the western part of the New Guinea Island (Irian Jaya).

But she also points out that many girls who insist on using condoms will simply be raped without one anyway, and often beaten up as well.

PNG Election - Oro Province 2017 On behalf of Kokoda Trekking, we would like to congratulate Hon.

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Gary Juffa, MP for retaining his seat as the Governor of the Oro Province. We would also like to congratulate Henry Amuli who won the Sohe seat.