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Note that terms that are referenced in the question, such as "geek" or "savvy", as well as "nethead", "cybernaut", "netizen" do not necessarily mean addiction, and especially do not identify the specific addition or form that the compulsive addiction takes when using the Internet.Presently, there is little data available on child luring.The information that does exist represents only those incidents that have been reported to the police.It should be noted that Internet addiction is not associated with two of the more important characteristics of drug addiction, namely withdrawal and tolerance.Drug addicts often experience physical symptoms of withdrawal while they are undergoing detoxification.

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Please enclose any pertinent information related to the ban, include the following information: Time of the ban, your ip, where you were when the ban occurred (i.e. Any information you include as to why the ban occurred (include logs if able) and why you feel it was not justified, will be taken into consideration.