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All offers of employment are contingent on standard background checks.Navient and certain of its affiliated companies are federal, state and/or local government contractors.Surrounding the valley to the northwest and east, mountains provide protection from winds and also influence temperature and precipitation during both summer and winter.Summers are relatively cool with frequent showers and thunderstorm activity.Winter temperatures are not severe, and most precipitation occurs as rain.However, when warm moist air from the valleys to the southwest collides with cold air from the north, snow and blizzards can occur.

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The location is isolated from big-city amenities and services.

There is talk of reviving commuter rail passenger service into New Jersey, which could give the area a big boost as a residential area and base for telecommuters and small business.

Interviews are being conducted now for candidates being considered.

We are in the process of filling these available positions, so please submit your resume immediately for consideration.

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The Scranton area is gaining some ground as a gateway to the Pocono Mountains, a recreational area to the north and east with skiing and watersports.