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So still not getting 'last year' how many routine PTTEST tests did Central Site run between Q1 and Q4 of last year? The queries always need to be bound based on these types of speech. I have until Nov 4th where I have to do my big demo to the VPs. Let me know if I can help test or whatever or if you need any details around my intents and entities. I"m still seeing different things all the time when it comes to date period. the objects are better cuz they have the full epoch time and then details about timezone and day of week etc. it's handling understanding that Q1 to Q4 is the whole year, BUT it's putting 2016 and not 2015. A: date-period 2016-01-01/2016-03-31 ** INCORRECT ** Q: in Q2 of last year? Getting these date ranges right is so important as it's the one part of all of our utterances that is there in EVERY single question.Richard you very good friend, you can understand me, and I think, that it is the important part of a life. Today I have met the old acquaintance, her name Oksana. She has certainly become agitated for me, has told that now the Internet is overflowed by a deceit and lie!!!But I have calmed her and have let know, that you very good man, and that you can be trusted!!!! But seriously, I would love to hear your voice with my ears, it is not the same seeing your voice in writing.You are about probably to fail if you attempt to set dating into an inexpugnable possession.But turning a lightweight mind to the online search you will be recompensed with a real love.

I will send a picture in my next letter so you could see what I look like, and I will be happy to get some back of you. I wish to pass to easier and amusing theme, let's speak about meal!! I take a great interest in a healthy food, I will not write now all dishes which I can prepare because it can occupy all the day! It's funny you should say about falling in love with a Russian kitchen, that's exactly what happened to my brother.I would think this type of date range input is pretty basic but this does not work: .... but i don't see any way to really train a wrong answer like that. I was going to demo this next week and hopfully commercialize this for my (Huge) company but if this basic date range can't be understood it's a no-go for sure. If you encounter any other issues with our system entities, please email us at support at api dot ai or send us a message from the chat window in the developer console. I just tested that 'Q2 of last year' is now mapped properly to last year Q2 of last year was mapped to range 2015-04-01/2015-06-30... BUT this query is still treating the phrase 'last year' to mean 'next year': "... " And the date range you gave me for that is way off:date-period 2017-03-09/2017-03-31 Seems to not even know how to handle 'today' let alone 'last year'.... This does not work: "from Q1 to Q3 of last year" as type date Period is not giving me last year. It's gonna kill my project if in a week's time we there is still no working date-period. gonna kill me if a phrase like 'in 2014' doesn't' work or 'last year' kicks out '2016'. I hoped in the 'training' part I could highlight that text and then FIX the years and save it and it would learn. We'll fix it on our side as soon as possible and let you know when it's fixed. My company (not MINE of course but the one I work for) is always wanting to 'roll their own' solutions because of not wanting dependencies on third-parties that may not be responsive enough to meet our needs. That's great news Let me know if I can help in any way... "date-period-original":"from Q1 to Q3 of last year","date-period": Any follow up here? I put 'this year' and it correctly knows I'm looking for a date range, but I'm seeing and RFC date with month=13! Start date: 20160201T120000-" // February not Jan End date: 20161331T120000-" // 13-31 instead of 12-31 This used to work fine. Need some better regression tests yes Full date objects:end Date: Objectcalendar:1483203600000date Time:falseday Of Week:6exact:truehours:12minutes:0only Date:truerfc String:"20161331T120000-"specified Timezone:truesti Temporal: Objectproto: Objectrequest_type:"this year"start Date: Objectcalendar:1451667600000date Time:falseday Of Week:5exact:truehours:12minutes:0only Date:truerfc String:"20160201T120000-"specified Timezone:truesti Temporal: Objectproto: Objectproto: Object so just now I try 'this year' and instead of getting the full date object I usually get I'm now getting a string like '2016-1-1/2016-12-31' I've never seen that.. here are the date range utterances I expect (hope) to work correctly and what I see is getting returned as of now: Q: between January and June of last year? may be a date range, may be just a year, USED to be a big object with start and end date times) What is going on with date period??In contrast, people with more significant attitude, are interested in time they spend together, they are aimed at developing a serious relationship. But at the same time we want the process to be effortless and pleasing.Thereby our users can use Live merely as if playing an amusing game.

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