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Want to be the ' Twilight' star's next girlfriend?

Read on for the cheat sheet to Kellan's heart.

"Then I proceeded to do a stunt fight when David Charvet and accidentally hit him and gave him a fat lip. "I had done one show prior to that and a movie and my first year of drama school, so I wasn't even done.

So I quit the show, went back to drama school and went to London and sort of just did stage for a while."The actor surprised fans when he came out in 2008 -- but he tells us, his costars were never in the dark about his sexuality and were nothing short of "fantastic.""Everybody knew, I just didn't speak about my private life, I'm pretty shy and introverted.

Though she has spoken about her affection for and closeness to Rob in the past.

"He's a hunk, the sort of guy that makes any girl feel good.

By the time the pair were promoting the film, that relationship was over, and the buzz had already started that Robert and Kristen had taken their on-screen love story across into real life.

It's funny to say that but where I live and what I do it's hard to find someone who knows who they are. I just want someone who can bowl, throw a football, and likes to be athletic.Their advice is reflective of many people in society today. Saving your first kiss doesn’t make you a prude, no matter what some of your peers may say in criticism of your choice.And not dating until you’re ready to get married is a mature and smart way of approaching relationships.It was sort of like doing a circus," Simmons says of his first days on the set back when he made his debut in 1994."First day I drove the truck into the tower and swiped the side of the door, because in Australia we drive on the other side of the road," he adds. Simmons would appear as Logan Fowler for three seasons on the show, before leaving in 1997."I experienced it, it was interesting," he says of his run.

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film, the film's director Catherine Hardwicke noted their instant chemistry.

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