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How do I tell the JTree to "reload" some or all of its nodes from the model?UPDATE: Found this question that although not exactly the same, it gives the answer I want. In Tree Model, changes always happen at a location and not at a node - each Tree Model Event carries a Tree Path the location.Nodes that are contained at multiple locations may not dynamically change because the event is only fired for a specific location although in fact all locations have changed.It just notifies listeners with a different method).Now, one of the listeners is a static class in my main form and this listener can tell the JTree, which is also contained in my main form, to refresh itself.

which supports optionally changing the display string of a node in a tree.The problem is this: Through some add Stuff() methods which my model defines I add nodes to the underlying data structure.I then notify listeners by calling tree Nodes Changed() inside the add Stuff() function (I Know there are tree Nodes Inserted methods but it is the same thing.Tree Model Events contain a Tree Path to identify the change location, a sorted integer array of child indices, and in parallel an array of the nodes.The query methods may not fire events (the handling of inspecting code and Tree Model Listener would be impossibly complicated if it were allowed).

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If a query method detects an change, it must suppress it (i.e.