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Updating bylaws

No, but - What is the effect if HOA documents conflict with new legislation or new case law?In cases of conflict between the association legal documents and the law (statutory or case law), the law will, in most cases, prevail.Bylaws define the primary characteristics of the association and include all of the governing details that the association considers important to the rights and responsibilities of the membership.All PTAs must submit their bylaws, along with any standing rules, to Texas PTA for approval at least once every three years.Sooner or later every homeowners association is faced with the question of whether or not to amend its legal documents.

For many nonprofit’s, their bylaws are just some forgotten document, full of legalese, gathering dust in a file cabinet somewhere.

For a nonprofit that actively uses its bylaws, the bylaws can be an interesting glimpse into the organization’s governing psyche. One fact is sure: a nonprofit’s bylaws are considered a legal document that dictates how the organization must be governed.

Failure by a board to follow the stipulations outlined in the bylaws can have devastating consequences to the organization…and potentially even to the board members themselves.

Download the latest updates effective August 1, 2017 English I Spanish PTAs should request a current copy of their bylaws each year, after August 1, to ensure they have the most current language.

This request will also provide Local PTAs with any standing rules currently on file with Texas PTA.

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