Updating centos

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Setting clock : Mon Jan 21 GMT 2013 [ OK ] Starting udev: cp: cannot create special file `/dev/console': File exists cp: cannot create special file `/dev/core': File exists cp: cannot create special file `/dev/null': File exists cp: cannot create special file `/dev/tty': File exists cp: cannot create special file `/dev/zero': File exists Wait timeout.Will continue in the background.[FAILED] Setting hostname centos59.example.com: [ OK ] raidautorun: failed to open /dev/md0: Operation not permitted awk: cmd.tl;dr – Either a plesk update or Cent OS update borked an Open SSHd install such that the sshd_config was pointing to an sftp-server that didn’t exist where it was looking for it, but existed in two other locations.Fix was to update the sshd_config while investigating the possibility of removing the duplicate install. The upgrade process broke on a 1and1 VPS, so I had to use the manual update from the Plesk site.The timestamp of the two binaries was the same, so it looked like both had been updated at the same time, implying the same update.However, the chroot was incomplete – it only had a barebones directory structure, only containing sftp-server and a few other files.Now when I try to upgrade packages it gives me out broken dependencies / missing dependency error.

Below are the ways you can expose the glibc to your program. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

Now, something happened that an openssh update seems to have been installed in a chroot – either Plesk updated the Open SSH install as part of the upgrade, and it did the upgrade in a chroot, or something happened with the VPS update.

But either way, I ended up with 2 copies of to see what it was using, and updated it to point at the new location.

For now, you will have to manually update the MAC addresses after a motherboard replacement.

I want to install Android NDK on my Cent OS 6.5 machine.

updating centos-22updating centos-1updating centos-51

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