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Updating creative zen firmware

Digital Media Edition and faster SB1394/Firewire transfer speed in Windows XP.

Battery: 1500 m Ah (original battery only states 3.7 V)Firmware: 1.40.02 (year = 2005? Order this replacement FIRST before opening the old unit - it comes with the 2 tools you will need.

2011-06-30: Gnomad 2.9.6 is released - we delete HAL support and slam in libgudev support in its place, HAL is deprecated now. And finally we have folder support for the MTP devices.2007-08-29: Gnomad 2.9.0 adds an optional compile-time support for taglib.

Further the dependency on archaeologic GTK (prior to 2.6.0) and update to use new primitives from 2.24 where applicable. If you have taglib (-devel) installed, and an MTP device which can handle Ogg and FLAC files, Gnomad2 will handle them as audio tracks and can also manage their tags now.2007-04-14: Gnomad 2.8.12 includes a number of bug fixes, many of stability nature and X86_64-oriented nature.2007-01-24: Gnomad 2.8.10 is out, this version is updated to make use of libmtp 0.1.3 and later, and it also fix several bugs, including a large sweep at pushing all drawing into the GTK main loop so as to avoid the horribly bugged GDK drawing thread lock. 2006-09-21: Gnomad 2.8.9 is out with some bugfixes.

Old News2008-01-28: Gnomad 2.9.1 adds support for device detection using D-Bus and HAL, you can plug in/out devices and gnomad2 will react. 2006-08-27: Gnomad 2.8.8 - sync to libmtp 0.0.14 cause 0.0.13 sucked big time.Also note that the 4 small screws are slightly different: the short pair are inserted in the bottom only - don't mix them up.If your unit is about to die - turn it on and make sure you find the firmware version details.2006-05-31: Gnomad 2.8.5 (and the sad excuse known as 2.8.4) - synchronize to new libmtp and fix bugs. This version includes MTP support for a select number of Creative devices, provided that libmtp 0.0.2 is properly installed on your system.Recently i had the misfortune to severely damage the hard drive on my Zen Xtra.

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