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In most cases, the person would disclose this to Disability Services on campus.The person must bring the appropriate documentation (as required by Section 504) regarding his/her disability.The BMV maintains two addresses for each customer record: a residential address and a mailing address.Your credential has your residential address printed on the front of the card.Students typically work with 3-5 members of an evaluation team, all of whom have had extensive training in evaluation-related procedures.Teams are scheduled to work with students on specified days of the week and during specified times of the day.It must include a diagnosis and information as to how the disability impacts the student in an academic environment.

Other members of the team may include full-time RCLD staff, doctoral students working in the center as they learn to do evaluations, and psychologists with doctoral degrees who are not yet licensed but receiving specialized training in assessment.

For some medical records, the date(s) of the office visits should be noted.

Some disabilities and their impact on the student in an academic setting may change over time.

Colleges differ from high schools regarding the first step of providing academic accommodations.

When a person with a disability needs an academic accommodation in high school, a team of people is assigned to discuss that student's classroom instructional accommodations.

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Students seeking support services from CNM Disability Resources Center on the basis of a previously diagnosed disability must schedule an appointment with a Disability Resources Center counselor.

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