Updating excel worksheet from access query

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This will all be done inside the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).To get there click Visual Basic on the Developer tab (pictured below) or hit ALT F11.

Then, we'll look at a couple of tricks that allow you to work around some Excel limitations and see how a little VBA code can give you the results you want.Although Microsoft Excel has the capability to do that, Access undeniably provides a much easier way to build Query because OK Select the worksheet, and then add the fields you need to the right panel (click on the arrow in the middle) If you cannot see the Worksheet names, click on Options button and check System Tables check box.In this example, I have selected all the fields under worksheet employee_tbl and payroll_history_tbl. The below message box pops up saying you have to join the Table by yourself. The workbook must be in a configured Excel Service trusted location.The name of the Excel sheet in the workbook that will be queried.

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Specifies cells that should be set in the workbook before data is retrieved.

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