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Along the way, we have included some key data points that you may or may not know about.

The Chicago Sun-Times clarifies: “And she wasn't mad about a failed romantic relationship, as Geffen is openly gay.Geffen dated Kuntz after his relationship reportedly ended in 2012 with Jeremy Lingvall, then 28.Lingvall and the billionaire executive were partnered for six years.He certainly thought it was about him.”• 1989: Fame magazine reports, “For the record, Simon acknowledges the song is a little about Beatty; it’s a composite of three men from her L. days.”• 1990: “I can never give it away,” Simon lies to VH1.• 1990: Simon said: “It’s about the young Oprah Winfrey.” A-ha! If he was only vain it would be boring, but there's a lot more to him.He hobknobs with the underworld.”• 2001: “I could never really solve it because if I did, then no one would have anything to talk to me about,” Simon concluded.• 2003: Dick Ebersol received a clue.

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A gay adult film actor has been convicted of extortion and other federal charges after it was revealed he had repeatedly blackmailed a California multimillionaire about their past sexual relationship together.

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