Who is john wesley shipp dating

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Who is john wesley shipp dating

In 2000 when his son, Barry, was 11 years old, a red and yellow tornado-like blur came into their home, and in the middle of the tornado seemed to be a man.

Henry held Barry back, telling him to run, and before either of them could do a thing, the blur shoved and knocked Henry out, murdered Henry's wife and swept Barry 20 blocks away from his home.

He played the lead Barry Allen on CBS's superhero series The Flash from 1990 to 1991, and Mitch Leery, the title character's father, on the drama series Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2001.

Shipp has also played several roles in daytime soap operas including Kelly Nelson on Guiding Light from 1980 to 1984, and Douglas Cummings on As the World Turns from 1985 to 1986 (which earned him his first Daytime Emmy Award).

In the original timeline, Henry never had been killed by Zoom and presumably lived until Barry becomes The Flash in 2020 and presumably died (or not) at unknown point in time.Akers [2015]Captain Lou Albano [2006]Jarrod Carl Alberich [2017]Kevin Alejandro [2017]Heather Alexander [2006]Jason Alexander [2005]Wayne Alexander [1999]Jer Alford [2012]Steve Algieri [2000]Beth Allen [2003]James E.Allen [2001]Karen Allen [2009]Nancy Allen [2014]Scott Allie [2010]Brent Allison [2011]Michael Allred [1997]Robert Allsopp [2017]Aaron Allston [2013]Anthony Alongi [2006]Roger Altizer [2017]Mark A.But this news is yet to be verified, and also, Shipp has not given the fans and media any sniff about the truth behind this rumor.) is an American actor known for his various television roles.

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