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33% NEVER socialise with their boss but 16% go everyday for a drink....

Are you the type of person to keep your head down, say nothing and be miserable if things were not right at work?

It would have been easier if my confidence was better.

Over the years, we have run a number of surveys to pull together some interesting facts that relate to National Hug Your Boss Day in some way or another.I would not tell them to shut up, I would not tell them “but this Korra is not that Korra”, I would not refuse to hear and boost their concerns, I would not write articles about how wonderful and important and nuanced this female platonic-only friendship is to me and to everyone without even mentioning that this is queer erasure and that this has hurt others.I would not go “fuck you got mine” at the erasure of a character’s canon queerness. If Jughead in If a canon demiace character’s adaptation was probably not going to be demi but might possibly be asexual, I wouldn’t say that was amazing, I wouldn’t say that was a great stride for ace rep, I wouldn’t hope really hard that they be asexual instead of demi, I wouldn’t talk over demis who were talking about this, I wouldn’t , I wouldn’t write an article about this without devoting space to the demi erasure, I wouldn’t tell people to shut up and be excited for/with me, I wouldn’t encourage people to celebrate that this character was never ever going to have sex or express sexual interest/desire in someone ever.So why are people, allos and ace alloros both, so happy to accept the erasure of Jughead’s aromanticism, touch-aversion, unwillingness to kiss or date? Why is “I am very excited about this” instead of “I might be excited about this but a lot of people are hurting and their opinions equal mine and you need to read their opinions as well as mine” acceptable in this situation?There’s about a week to go in the Kickstarter campaign for the Anything That Loves anything.

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It turns out employees in Europe are those more likely to swear at their boss along with those in London and The South of the UK.